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Paula Andrea Rios

2018-09-25 15:19:20 | Profile
As someone who is forced to suffer in silence, I am forever grateful to Selena for having the courage to realease this song. To know that despite speaking the truth in her heart she would be judged and scored. We should never down the artist who have the courage to speak their truth. They echo the thoughts of so many who never have a chance to say what they feel . Those of us who suffer in silence can only find solace in knowing others out there know and understand what we truly feel.


2018-07-18 07:30:23 | Profile
I still feel you Selena. Were the same.


2018-07-05 18:04:13 | Profile
Justin fucked up big time


2018-06-21 16:53:46 | Profile
If I could die having a celebrity best friend, it would be Selena. loving her music and self and especially her laugh. Would make me laugh and be in an endless loop.